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About Project Yelper

Project Yelper is an open source micro-blogging platform written in C#. It was built using cutting edge technologies like ASP.NET MVC 3 with the Razor view engine, the Entity Framework and LINQ. Yelper has an API that uses OData and a Windows Phone 7 app that uses this API is available as well.

Yelper was entirely designed and built by three students from Ghent University. While it was strongly inspired by Twitter, it should be noted that it was built for educational purposes only.

The authors have prepared three one-hour sessions about building Yelper. These presentations have been put together for the Students to Business Day 2011, but schools and event organizers are encouraged request the authors to present these lectures elsewhere.

More information about the lectures is available on

More information about the Students to Business day is available on

The Yelper website is available on, the OData API is available on and the phone app is available on

The source code is available on

Have fun playing with Yelper!

Wouter Devinck
Jeroen Verhulst
Niels Derdaele



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